What is a “Healthy / Healthier” house you might ask?  Well a healthier home is a home where alternative building materials and building methods have been used to reduce the level of toxic chemicals that you and your family will be exposed to on a daily level.  These toxins wreak havoc on our nervous system, muscular system as well as neurological systems.  Many times we don’t realize that we are being exposed to chemicals until we have become ill, and then it is a long battle to figure out what has actually caused our bodies to suffer.  That is where Healthy Home Builder.com come in to the picture, we can work with you on new construction, or a remodel to create a cleaner healthier environment.  Cecil Smith was the first contractor in North America to link that our exposure to chemicals will adversely affect our bodies.   He has been working in this field for over 20 years; and has helped hundreds of people all around Oregon, and across the United States.

  • ~ Water based sealants, and stains
  • ~ Ceramic tile made with no lead
  • ~ Hardwood flooring
  • ~ Low or No VOC Paints and stains
  • ~ Carbon filtration systems

There are many more ways that you can create your healthier home including alternative building methods as well as alternative building materials.